Our two small houses in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania provide a secure and happy home to children whose own parents have been unable to look after them. Here they become part of a family – a warm, nurturing and stable environment – where they are looked after until they become independent adults.

We rely completely on voluntary donations to run these homes, so your support is always very much appreciated.
Friends of Children in Romania (FCR) works in co-operation with the regional Department of Child Protection.

“My life changed the minute I stepped foot in those cosy houses, the love and the joy that surrounded me made me such a happy kid and later a well-respected and responsible adult. I have so many great memories of all my brothers and sisters, with the ladies that cared for us and treated us like their own."
Ana Maria

February 2021

Brigadier Michael Evans

The charity’s Treasurer of 30 years, Michael Evans, died on 13th January after a fall at home and subsequent illness in hospital.

Michael was Mary Gibson’s partner and supported the charity she had started with great dedication and efficiency, though he used to say “I’m a soldier, not an accountant!”  It was his job to keep the charity’s accounts in order, recover Gift Aid and make payments to the Harja bank account each month.

Michael was on the point of retiring towards the end of 2020 and we had found someone willing to take on the role in his place.

His family has requested donations in his memory be made to Friends of Children in Romania.


A summer wedding

Betty and the Harja carers keep in touch with the children who have flown the nest and were delighted to hear from Ancuta (29), that she is to be married this summer.  She works in Brasov, a city about an hour from Harja, where she is a kindergarten teacher.

Covid restrictions have eased in Romania at the moment and Ancuta was able to join the celebrations for Maria’s birthday at her adoptive family home near Brasov, along with the children from Harja. A wonderful celebration that was even more special when people have been separated so long!


Non Formal Education Methodology in Schools & High Schools – Project

Starting from January 2021, Friends of Children in Romania is partner in the Erasmus Plus KA201 Project D-MANeD – Dance- Music -Arts – NLP – eLearning for Educators.
The Kick-Off Meeting was held online, via Zoom on the 12th of January, and it set-up the timeline and milestones of the project, the responsibility of each partner and deadlines.
Funding: The project is funded by The Dutch National Agency Erasmus+
Duration: The project lasts for 34 months, and
Partnership: The partnership involves: (1) SkillsUp Training & Research Services NL (2) Friends of Romanian Children RO (3) National College Anghel Saligny RO (4) Roes Cooperativa EL (5) Vassiliadi School (EL) (6) Center for Social Innovation CY (7) Grammar School CY (8) Friedenauer Schule DE.

The main purpose of the project is to address the needs of primary, gymnasium and high school teachers and educators working with minorities, fewer opportunities youth and rural youth in creating innovative approaches that are more inclusive, using digital environments, and dealing with emotional understanding. Thus, the project supports participants (prospective teachers) to deliver high-quality teaching that deals with the complexity of the learners by focusing their approaches on inclusion, improving attainment and continuing education as well as empowering learners.


TANGIBLE Results Include:

✏︎ The D-MANED pedagogical approach in teachers’ training and development – four Training Courses (IO2);
✏︎ The D-MANED survey to identify the teachers’ needs, as well as their interests, motivation to assimilate new teaching methods, approaches in non-formal and experiential education.
✏︎The D-MANED interactive handbook (IO1);
✏︎ Research reports and studies on online education and teachers’ training;
✏︎ D-MANED platform with courses for teachers’ professional development (IO4);
✏︎ Evaluation reports;
✏︎ D-MANED newsletters or information leaflets;
✏︎ D-MANED recorded tutorials (IO3);
✏︎ Blended Mobility for Young People in which we will involve the children in the partner organisation.


INTANGIBLE Results Include:

✏︎ Knowledge and experience gained by participants, learners or staff;
✏︎ Increased skills or achievements;
✏︎ Improved cultural awareness;
✏︎ The mission, vision and values of the project better language skills.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication post reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.