Our three small houses in Harja in the Carpathian mountains in eastern Romania give:

  • A secure and happy home to children who have none
  • A home where each child can be loved and cared for as an individual
  • A home where each cares for one another as in the families they don’t possess

The first children came to us out of the notorious orphanages of the Communist regime. These children are now grown up, at university and in training, beginning to make lives of a kind they might never otherwise have hoped for, but often still dependent on our emotional and financial support. Sadly, we are under constant pressure to take in new children, babies and toddlers whose parents have abandoned them or are unable to look after them. We do this in cooperation with the regional Department of Child Protection.

Please help us to give these children the chance they deserve in life.

UK registered charity no 1006753

Summer Holidays

The younger children have been on a trip to the salt mines at Praid Transylvania and the five older ones went camping.


Ali, Marcel, Diana and Dan
Marcel making friends with a donkey


Gabi on holiday with Tobias who lives in the UK. His parents come to Romania in the summer and Gabi is teaching him English!
Rares at home making music
The weather has been exceptionally hot and humid but everyone had fun