ELF – The Festival organised by ESC volunteers in Harja

A summary of the first Experiential Learning Festival in the rural-Romania.

A moment in time of constant growth, of great discoveries, of continuous scientific development, of full attention being given to education in the European society, at global level where more and more attention is needed… and here we are. We became part of contributors to the education, with a big team of volunteers, an open-hearted group of artists and facilitators and an open-minded and helpful local community.

Our ideas have been embraced, and furthermore we felt the achievement of solidarity, cohesion within all the people who were present in Harja. Therefore we heard from the ELF-ers comments saying “we feel like we’re in a big family here” or “everyone I spoke to was so kind” or even “it feels so natural to start talking to people over here”.

Would those remarks come as a result of various workshops that happened and involved people. ELF created the space for them to communicate, and created a safe space all-over the Festival areas? We believe, YES and this is the blend of all the people and elements that we brought together. Was this a different approach to Education, ongoing for 4 days? Where youngsters, adults, locals, volunteers, elders, facilitators, artists, met, discussed, shared ideas outside activities? YES, and it’s been rewarding for all.

We danced, we jammed, we painted, we discovered labyrinth theatre, we played football, we made music, we meditated, we experienced yoga and acrobatics, we participated in contact improvisation, we went treasure hunting, we made new friends.

Will we organise a project like this next year and a festival?

For sure, and we invite you to join us! Follow-us.