A New Day

I am happy today as I woke up to the laughs and cries of my little brothers and sisters.  What can be nicer than that? Not long ago I was in their shoes, a little girl.  Now, due to them, I am more energetic and of course early rising (a small joke)!

I have told myself that when I am old I will make time to put my thoughts together and write a book about my life and the people that have been part of its flow.  I have already tried speaking about myself several times before. The beginning is always tough – I find it difficult to find the right words and often get stuck – which is happening to me now too.

Well, one of the most important changes in my life was meeting my sisters and brothers, some older and some younger than me.  Isn’t that wonderful?  A bad thing has generated a happy thing – this is how life is – there is always a silver lining, thank God!

I grew up in a big, happy, educated family.  I was encouraged through school and as a result I am expecting more achievements and have hopes and a desire to accomplish some small dreams.  So far I have graduated from Art School and once I have passed two more exams I will be in my second year of university studying tourism.  Who knows what will come next?

Talk to you soon

Lidia Mamaluca

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