A small insight into my life

My dear friends from everywhere, I start writing these words without knowing exactly what I really want to say.  The best part is that I have always wanted a blog to express my thoughts and feeling about my life.

I am now at a crossroads in my life, and just thinking about this I overflow with feelings of unrest, satisfaction, melancholy and curiosity. I think with great affection of the years that have passed and the wonderful moments that I have lived, to my perfect childhood – the hide and seek, the family picnics, the trips, the tellings off when I was doing something wrong, the punishments that felt like the end of the world back then, the first loves, etc.

I had a lovely childhood, surrounded by people that appreciated me, loved me unconditionally and to whom I shall be grateful all my life. A large family with many mothers, many sisters and brothers, many friends, I believe it was the dream of every child. I am what I am now due to the people that believed in me and saw in me something more than the ordinary.


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