Hot news about the trip in Maramures

Hello dear friends!

As we promised through this blog, we wish to share with you all dear friends, our nice and beautiful experiences, which we have to thank you for.
One is the amazing trip we had in Maramures with our dear friend Remus. We( Ali, Marcel, Diana and Georgiana) spent some fantasic days in the mountains.
We had a day trip in the steam train, which was really intresting and we had lots of fun, we visited the Merry Cemetery, and also we went with the cable car to see the Horses Falls.

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Hi there!

Hi there! It’s us again, this time the younger ones: Lacramioara, Gabriela, Denisa, Mariuca, Mihaita and Ionut.

We had the last day of kindergarten today and of course we celebrated. Lacramioara said farewell to kindergarten as from next autumn she will go to school. We put on a lovely show and the audience (our parents) enjoyed all of it!  We sang and danced but also performed.  Here are some photos too.

Sports contest

Hello! We are the three middle children from Harja, Casa Brancusi – Diana, Georgiana and Albert.  We would like to tell you that we took part in a very exciting sport contest in Oituz where we had to compete with about 150 children from the schools in Oituz and Ferastrau.  And surprise: we won some prizes!  Not the 1st prize, but the 2nd and 3rd for running!

Georgiana: even if I am a bit plumpy and sometimes slow, I did manage this time to prove that not only the slim girls can run – I won second place!

Here are some photos from the event.

First blog post!

Hi friends!  We are the children living in Harja, Romania, in 3 lovely houses.  Some of us are older and some younger or even very young!  We shall keep in touch with you and we shall share with you some of the events in our lives, good and bad, funny or less funny and also talk to you about our achievements, talents, dreams, hopes and eventually some of our troubles!