Celebrating Success


Our three eldest children have all passed their final school exams, taken during lockdown. Two of them, Ali and Diana, are applying to universities. Albert, strongly influenced by his upbringing, is interested in social assistance, and also in construction.

Diana is applying to do communication and foreign languages at Bacau University. She is a happy girl with a good sense of humour.



Georgiana has had enough of studying for now and plans to go to England with her boyfriend. She was a very good student. Now she wants freedom and no rules!

As we celebrate their success, it’s a time to reflect on how Friends of Children in Romania has helped them grow and given them stability, love and encouragement after very difficult beginnings.

Ali was brought to Harja from the maternity ward in the city of Arad when he was six months old. His mother had left him after his birth. He got in touch with her two years ago, but no relationship could be built up. He met his parents last Christmas but was very disappointed and said: ‘I realise now how lucky I was to be raised in Hârja by the charity and to have the love and affection and care of Mary and of all the staff involved.’


Diana came to Hârja when she was eight months old, after her mother died from an infection. She came with Lidia, her sister, who is now a graduate and lives in Cluj.

Georgiana was two years old when she came to us. Her mother took her to Child Protection as she had nowhere to live and they were sleeping in a park. She kept in touch for a few years until she went to live in Italy but it was never a close relationship.


Since their exams, all the children have been enjoying summer activities such as picking cherries and fishing. The older children ones have now returned from a well-deserved camping holiday in the Eastern Carpathians, paid for with money refunded to us by the transport authority, as a result of lockdown schooling.


Many thanks to all those who support Friends of Children in Romania.  If you would like to make a donation or take out regular Direct Debit payments to support us, you can do so securely here.



Susan Peake

Bravo all the exam candidates! Brilliant to get such successes, especially with the difficulties of Lockdown .Best of luck with all your next steps.

Diane Jermany

Have recently come across your website, what an amazing group of children and people that care for them. My best wishes to all of you.


What a wonderful family! Congratulations Ali, Diana and Georgiana now the oldest of that happy bunch I met around fifteen years ago when I used to visit with Serban. It is lovely to hear such brilliant news and of Ancuta’s marriage plans. Look forward to the next celebrations! Deborah

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