Flori (born 13.06.91)

Flori came to Harja when she was three. But for the fact that there was no vacancy in the “irrecuperable institution” she would have been sent there. Children in orphanages were assessed at three years old and if they could not do such things as count to ten, be potty trained or walk, they were classed as handicapped.

Flori is in her last of four years at university in the faculty of applied electronics.

She has always been a happy and easy girl. She lived in Casa Dinu with four boys and one girl, Andra. She was a spirited member of the football team, gave unstinting help in the house and in the yard, milking the cow, and above all, she was marvellous with Andra who has a degree of learning difficulties. It could almost be said that she brought Andra up.

She has lived with her boyfriend in Brasov (where she is at university) for three years and Andra goes to spend Christmas with them. All her tutors speak highly of her and respect her for her extremely hard work.

She manages her money (we support all our children who are at university) very responsibly and has never asked for an advance – a relief to Betty, as that has not always been the case with the others!