Ionut (born 19.08.2010) and Mariuca (born 14.07.2011)

Ionut and Mariuca came to Harja in November 2013. When Ionut was fourteen months old and Mariuca four months, neighbours reported their lack of care to the Department of Child Protection. They were immediately put into hospital – Ionut weighed only six kilos and had frozen toes. They stayed there for six months and were then fostered. But the foster mother was unstable, sometimes violent; they were transferred to another foster mother who had little time for them. When they came to Harja they would sit on chairs with their arms crossed, just staring ahead of them.

They love playing outside – it seems that this was a new experience for them – and Mariuca is always busy. Ionut has very few words; he seems to understand everything that is said to him but cannot concentrate for more than ten minutes, even on the one-to-one daily times he spends with Ancuta or our very experienced carer, Geni. His hyperactivity makes it impossible for him to go to nursery school at the moment.

Mariuca is a happy child, relaxed and for the moment showing no scars from her difficult first years. She goes to nursery school with Stefan, Lala and Gabi.