Lala (born 26.04.2008) and Gabi (born 16.09.2009)

Lala and Gabi have been at Harja for almost two years. At home they were so neglected that neighbours reported their plight to the Department of Child Protection. Lala at the age of two seemed to have looked after Gabi, and the neighbours gave them clothes. When they first came to Harja they asked only for bread and water – but that soon changed!

They are lively children and play imaginatively with their dolls to whom they talk and sing – as they do to their carers. Gabi has decided prima donna tendencies and loves the limelight. Lala sometimes seems older than her few years, but that is not surprising after her early responsibilities. She concentrates well, and it is wonderful to see her copying the dance steps of the older children and getting the rhythm, her whole body dancing. They are happy at school and at Betty’s English class which she has in the village for the local children.