Luci (born 28.08.1992)

Luci came to Harja from an orphanage when he was three. He was always a very kind boy and that has certainly continued. He loved football, and with the other boys in his house, had great matches with the others in the village.

He passed his High School exams and has been training to be an engine driver. He comes home often and tries to help two of his ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ who have not the ability to overcome and go forward from the difficulties of their early years. To Marius, who has stayed in the village, he offered accommodation in the town where he works, and talked to him about self-respect, and earning money, encouraging him to get a job in the oil industry which he says needs young men.

He is much respected by the middle children and of course the little ones love him,. And it’s great for everybody to have a man around – and fun!