How you can help


The charity owns three small houses and some plots of land in Harja, a car and a recently-acquired VW 8-seater (given and kept insured by a generous Romanian friend), but running costs are constantly increasing.   All of our fund-raising in England is done by volunteers, so almost every pound we raise goes to Harja. Besides Betty as Manager, we employ nine carers, many of whom have been with the project for years. Like mothers, they love the children, and cook, and help with the homework, but we have to pay them a living wage. In 2013, our running costs were £8,000 a month. This figure has now risen to £9,500 per month. With each year, these costs increase. We have to consider this each time we take on a child, and look ahead to be sure that we can still care for that child in fifteen or twenty years’ time.   The responsibility is sometimes frightening.

Anything you can give is of value. A small one-off sum can buy schoolbooks or a pair of winter boots; a larger sum might give a group of children a trip or holiday, something special in their lives. Most useful however are long-term contributions, gift-aided standing orders, legacies and commitments that enable us to look ahead into the long term and know how many children we can care for in the future.   If you can take this on, and stay with us in the long term, you can share the joy of getting to know the children and of tracking their future – and of knowing what you have made possible.

99.25% of all you give goes direct to the care of the children in Romania