Summer Holidays

The younger children have been on a trip to the salt mines at Praid Transylvania and the five older ones went camping.


Ali, Marcel, Diana and Dan
Marcel making friends with a donkey


Gabi on holiday with Tobias who lives in the UK. His parents come to Romania in the summer and Gabi is teaching him English!
Rares at home making music
The weather has been exceptionally hot and humid but everyone had fun



Lidia congratulations on achieving your MA! And I am loving the unrecognisable figures of Ali, Marcel, Diana, Dan and Georgiana. You all look so good (as in looking!). Ancuta and Flori I failed to congratulate you both on your graduation (several years back I’m afraid.) Of the rest of the family I remember so well Alina , Andra, Luci, Marius, Vasile and Silviu? All grown up and on your way. I send much love and to Betty, of course..

Clare Williams

Such a special, wonderful family in a very beautiful place ♡

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