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Harja welcomes a new child

Denisa (left) with Lala
Denisa (left) with Lala

A young girl has recently joined the Harja family.

Denisa is 12 years old and had been living in an outhouse, rejected by her mother. She ran away and was picked up by the social services. Already, she has settled in well and is happy in her new home.









The younger children have been camping in the Bucegi mountains, not far from their home. It has been very hot in Romania so they were very glad of the chance to visit a deep cave and cool off!














Friends of Children in Romania was delighted to receive a donation from a Romanian employee of Amazon. She won a £1,000 prize at her workplace in Doncaster and generously donated the money to the charity. Fundraising for the charity is a great way of supporting us. Simple ideas, such as cake sales and coffee mornings can be fun – and also raise much-appreciated funds.


Susan Peake

Welcome, Denisa!

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