The Children

What our children say…

“There was no year that Betty didn’t take us to her place to pick and eat loads of cherries.” Gabriela

“I came here when I was three. I love it here because I have many sisters and brothers. I am glad that Miss Mary welcomed us all with open arms. In fact, if I think better, everybody from the charity welcomed us with open arms.” Lacramioara

“Mrs Betty brought me from the hospital in Bacau and gave me warmth and kindness. We are a large family and my mothers teach me many good things. And I consider Razvan as my father. I have great memories – we spend unforgettable moments in the holidays and in our spare time. I don’t fancy school too much but I am doing my best to become a better student.” Vlad

“Betty brought me from Bacau in 2020 and I am very happy here. I feel loved and I play with the children. I started learning how to write and how to read, and I would like to stay here until I finish school.” Florina

“Our home consists of two dogs, some chickens, a trampoline, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room, a playroom a bedroom for boys and a bedroom for girls and a hall. Betty is like a mother as she buys everything we need, she is kind to us and takes us on trips. I am sorry when I make trouble but I am easily forgiven and I promise to be good.” Laurentiu

“In my spare time I like to listen to music, to take walks on the hills and admire nature, or play with my pets. Because I love animals and love to take care of them, I am dreaming of becoming a vet.” Denisa

“I have been living here for seven years now. Betty is for me like my mother. I remember Miss Mary. She used to visit us two or three times a year and she would bring me little chocolates and toys. My first Lego was from her and I shall keep it in her memory.” Stefan

“I am 15 and have lived here since I was nine. I feel very much loved, together with my sisters and brothers and I am very happy. I love organising performances or birthday anniversaries together with all the children. In our family there is always somebody here to listen to us and understand us.” Mihaela

“Sometimes I go back home, (it was never an institution or anything like that), and visit the children and all the staff that loved and cared for me when I was there, and the feeling that I get is just incredible.

Now I am a kindergarten teacher and I love my job. Harja brought out the good in me, and makes me realize how fortunate I have been to be a part of that beautiful family.” Ana-Maria


Thank you to all those who have helped to make this possible.