Christmas 2016 Photos

Have just had a most happy skype with them; they are thrilled with their Christmas presents and the atmosphere was wonderful.
Betty full of joy and excitement, Puiu (her husband), too and her friends.

Rares joined the family at Harja just before Christmas. He is 3 and had recently been abandoned in hospital by his father, his teenage mother had disappeared soon after his birth.

He is very happy now to be outside (it seems that this was something new to him). He sledged with the best of them this week when they all went to the hills behind a restaurant owned by one of Betty’s friends. All the carers sledged and, of course, Betty – for nearly 4 hours! And Rares is funny, laughs a lot and is very much part of the family.

It has been a very cold winter. Betty sometimes has to get up 3 times in the night to stoke her fire. So we are having to buy extra wood – that wood which heats all the houses and the hot water.
Many small donations, specially those given monthly with giftaid, would be a great help. Betty is negotiating with the Finnish owner of the forest and the full amount is likely to be something over £3,500.

So if you can help, please do.


Denisa cooking
Christmas Day
Christmas Day
Ali, Andra and Betty's husband, Puiu - much loved by all the children.
Ali, Andra and Betty’s husband, Puiu – much loved by all the children.