ESC Volunteering – Experiential Learning Forum is more

“Experiential Learning Forum” Project, funded by the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) it’s been more than

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the Festival. Above all it has been about promoting volunteering possibilities, mobility of youngsters in EU, solidarity, cohesion and non-formal education.

For this, our volunteers have been involved in plenty of activities. For instance the teams of 40 volunteers went to Bacau, Comanesti, Moinesti, Oituz, Onesti, Targu Ocna, Brasov, Vaslui, Barlad, Neamt to meet groups of youngsters, do non-formal education (NFE) activities with them, share about ESC volunteering, solidarity and cohesion, before the Festival. 

After that the volunteering team arriving in August prepared materials for the Festival, designed props, planned the map of the festival, greeted the artists and then went around to high schools. In other words, they tried out NFE tools with pupils, spoke about volunteering, solidarity and how the Festival happened. 

Both teams of volunteers were involved in local activities in Harja and Oituz. For example our volunteers taught youngsters English, ran activities with elders where they shared cultural traits of their home countries, helped the locals with gardening and works around the house. The volunteering teams even worked on the digital environments and social media to share photos, articles, edit videos, schedule posts on social media. They sent emails, designed and collected feedback from partners, artists, and youngsters they met. Would you join us?

In conclusion, the ELF project volunteering teams animated the village of Harja for 4 months, revitalising the village life and engaging the locals. We assume that the young volunteers who joined us, left Harja with their lives enriched, with new experiences and a greater understanding of what our mission stands for.

After all, what can be more enriching for young people than having such opportunities to volunteer abroad leave an impact in the local community as well as enriching their lives too….!?

PS: check the Video Summary of the first Experiential Learning Festival.

“Art of Changing” – Erasmus+ Training Course

“ART of Changing”
Erasmus+ Mobility for Youth Workers in Romania – 2 Training Courses on NLP and Coaching techniques.

>the happening of events on video<<

The first mobility took place in Avrig, Sibiu a  nd it fully focused on building up the foundation skills of a NLP Practitioner and Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The second mobility focused on developing further the skills through practice within the group and complement with new methods that are applicable among the target groups. The groups was located in Slanic Moldova (Bacau). The trainer, Stephen Molnar has more than 30 years experience as a psychotherapist and NLP Master Trainer and his wealth of expertise in working with NLP and Coaching, simply generated an auspicious feedback from the participants in both training courses.

So who was there? We gathered 18 participants from 6 countries: Italy (MV International ENGO), Bulgaria (YoutHub NGO), Hungary (SABAI Training NGO), Poland (Grupa Dzialania NGO), Slovakia (SYTEV NGO) and of course the organiser from Romania (Friends of Romanian Children NGO). The selected participants work with young people with fewer opportuni

ties in their local communities. For example the participating youth workers from Bulgaria work in schools in Veliko Tarnavo and already started to disseminate those tools among fellow teachers and working with children in extra-curricular activities. The same is reported from by the youth-workers in Slovakia who work with the similar target group using the methods for creating guidance among students who are in their teenage period. Youth workers participating from Italy, Poland, Hungary and Romania are making use of the techniques in Erasmus+ trainings and exchanges as well as in organising workshops for school children in the areas of activity.

What happened?
The activities as you can see have been focused on non-formal education activities, the participants experiencing the NLP and Coaching methods themselves for maximising the learning and understanding of how those work. Activities varied from using forms of dancing, sound, mindfulness to applied NLP methods like Neurological Levels of Change or Time Lines. We reached a common conclusion with the other participating organisations and participants: the impact increases as the youth workers are going themselves through the personal development learning curve.
Maybe you are wondering if those people had any breaks or fun. Of course! In Avrig we went for long walks and reflection activities, we’ve built brid

ges and explored the nature. In Slanic Moldova we spent one day visiting the applicant organisation in Harja and organise activities with the children (in the Snow). We also celebrated the birthday of the Hungarian organisation leader and had fun with karaoke contest…half of the groups hustling to reach the only one microphone.
The Future Cooperation.
All the youth workers are in touch even now, after 3 months and some planning follow-up projects in the Erasmus+ framework (Italy and Romania TC for Youth Workers; Bulgaria School Exchange activity; Bulgaria and Romania TC for youth entrepreneurship) as well as European Solidarity Corps activities. At the reques

t of the participants and the organisations we are organising a follow-up project Training 4 Trainers for February 2019 deadline.
We are happy to have shared such a great opportunity with participants, exchanging ideas, cultural backgrounds, cooperation, dances, food and jokes.

Thank you to all of our partners, participants and local stakeholders who supported in implementing this project successfully!!!
Until Next time!

Check the video summary here.
Video credit: Vlad Pandichi
Photo credits: Beatriz Jordao and Narcisa Morosanu


Denisa and Mihaela went on a summer camp to Durau, in the Ceahlau mountains! They had many interesting activities there and came back with many new information. They all kind of work shops. Thank you Victor and Cristina Capitanu for helping with this.

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Sea side


Many thanks to Olivia and Giani Zodila, from Bucharest, a wonderful family, good friends of ours, who have invited all of us to their B&b from Vama Veche, on the Black Coast. We went with all our children for a week and had a lovely time. Of course we were lucky with the weather too, and we had very warm water in the sea. And some big waves as you will see from the photos. We celebrated Denisa's 10th anniversary there, together with Daria's 3rd months anniversary(she is Olivia's and Giani's long expected baby)


Dear friends,

This car needs replacement!
It is the one that takes our little children to the kindergarten;
that takes Ionuts to the speech therapist, that takes Diana for her canto sesion and also takes Marcel for his drumbs sesios, that is used to fetch the gas bottles and the chicken food.

£3,000 will get a decent 2nd hand replacement



Birthday party for Ali, Georgiana and little Lala

This weekend we had a great birthday party. We celebrated Ali, Georgiana, and Lala.
Ali is now 14 years old, he is such a good boy, he is nice with everbody, he is helpful and he is always so joly.
Georgiana turned 14 as well, she is a clever girl, she studys realy hard at school and we are all proud of her.
Lala is now 7 years old, she is very calm, delicate and also elegant young lady. She stared school last year