Schools in Romania Closed

Schools in Romania closed two weeks ago to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading. The children are continuing to do school work at home and they have also been helping with tasks at home.

Their houses are heated by wood-burning stoves and so a lot of fuel is needed. Supplies for next winter have already arrived and the children worked hard to stack it in the shelter. It took them a week! ‘We were very proud of them for doing such a good job,’ says Betty Grigoras, Project Manager.

Ali chopping wood
Ali chopping wood
Logs make good seats
Logs make good seats
How many more to go
How many more to go?
Job done
Job done!



Beautifully stacked! What a great way to get exercise while separated from friends. Here, in London, mostly people are respecting the distance we’ve been asked to keep when we go out to the Parks.
Hoping to see some of you later in the year, when I’m released from lockdown.
Thank you for the pictures,

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